Xross Chronicle

An RPG catching porridge called Xross Chronicle

Xross Chronicle we can almost say that it is quintessence of the freemium RPGs games in which we take care more of choosing our team, getting new heroes and getting fully into all its multiplayer elements such as raids, PvP and more.

What we do like about this new RPG porridge is the perspective used in combat, which by the way you can do it manual, and the great work done in the visual for a whole series of explosive effects, abilities and kinematics with which to dazzle even the most painted. Let's go get him.

An authentic RPG porridge


While we hope that at some point this type of porridge is legislated in which loot boxes are everything, we have no choice but to give up and try this type of candy that comes from the Far East. We can say that while We usually try many of these RPGs With auto attack, there are some like Xross Chronicle that hook.


Xross Chronicle visually catches and takes us to the Yokai Dimension in which we will get fully to know their hundreds of characters and adventures. While we have humans, we have the Yokai, a series of aliens and that will allow us to discover the history of this RPG a bit.

In fact the Yokai and humans can merge in order to be able to face powerful enemies and find that in the fight the merger will be vital to progress properly. If we add 3D and that perspective used in isometric, the game looks great.

You decide or manual or automatic combat, but since we are in Xross Chronicle …


Combat is another important point. While we can play it manually, having the option of automatic almost that we pass from it and we focus more on observing how our team is facing the enemies and the final bosses.


The truth is that in Xross Chronicle we have to dedicate ourselves more to climb our heroes and unlock new ones in order to create the perfect team. A team that we can take by the story mode, at the beginning, but that little by little we will succumb to the PvP, the raids and that multiplayer online component that is where the “chicha” of this porridge is.

Raids of huge enemies and PvP arenas They are part of the party to which Line invites you, the editor and famous for his chat app and for many more things. We don't have to say anything about the freemium, but it also invites you to play it daily and bring yourself to a colleague so that the experience wins whole.

The depth of the characters


It is noted that Line has put here enough efforts to bring us all a pleasant experience. With this we say and we want to make it clear that each of the protagonists of this Xross Chronicle has its own voices and its own story. That is to say, that you are going to be able to spend time knowing the background and history of this game; as long as you speak English, and hopefully soon in Spanish.

Visually it is a game that catches a lot. The character design also invites us to become a fan of the game and we are also left with the combat, which looks great with the perspective and grand visual effects for the skills; attention to the kinematics that put all the prominence for the development of those levels.