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All the news of the 0.17.0 update of PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile update 0 17 0

Are you a PUBG Mobile player? Then you will love this information. Then we will tell you all the news of the update 0.17.0 of PUGB Mobile. Without a doubt, knowing them will help you improve within the game.

The PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update requires 1.69 GB of storage space on Android. If you update before March 6, you will get 50 Silver, 2,888 BP and the 3 Day Anniversary Pan Skin.

What brings the new update of PUBG Mobile?

pubg mobile 0 17 0 update

  • Amusement park mode in Erangel from March 12. Here players can enter an amusement park during classic mode pairing. Enjoy interactive recreational machines, fun attractions and special games.
  • DBS: a double can shotgun that can only be obtained through AirDrops. We are talking about a weapon that contains 14 rounds of 12-caliber ammunition compatible with holographic sight, red dot sight and 2x-6x range.
  • Volume control of the independent teammate. Now You can adjust the voice volume for a single teammate.
  • They were added Universal brands to fix locations, supplies, vehicles, death boxes and doors. Thanks to this, players will be able to communicate quickly through brands. Ideal for planning an attack strategy!
  • Now the players you can see a repetition of how they were eliminated from the perspective of the attacker.
  • Color blind mode with more color options for game indicators such as poison, smoke and auxiliary lines.
  • The hardcore mode returns without sound messages and manual actions. In case you didn't know, it's about a way that offers players a more realistic shooting and survival experience.
  • New Arctic mode. Arctic storms will appear periodically in Vikendi. Players they will have to keep their body temperature high or their health decrease continuously.
  • Snowboard for players in the arctic mode.
  • They were added drones that can explore the surrounding area.
  • Camera movement improvements and position adjustment in Team Deatchmatch mode.
  • Purchase interface improvements and support for exclusive coupons (available at events).

Brother in Arms mode

The new update brings a mode called Brother in Arms in which Veterans with a rich gaming experience will guide the rookies of PUBG Mobile.As new players will learn, while veterans can receive great rewards.

Players can enter the Brothers in Arms system and register as Rookies or Veterans. Rookies send invitations to recommended veterans, and veterans who have enabled rookie matching status will receive the invitation. Thus, the two players will enter the battle together.

Anniversary celebration since March 12

pubg mobile anniversary update

During the anniversary celebration, all PUBG Mobile players will work together to achieve the objectives of the event and receive rewards. Individual events will provide rewards to players after completing the corresponding missions..

Classic mode improvements

  • Balancing some firearms. The firing speed of the rifle blast has been slightly increased. The M16A4 has also acquired an increase in the speed of the shots and the vertical / horizontal recoil has increased. It is necessary to emphasize that the single firing damage of the Mk47 was increased from 46 to 48 and that the UZI was modified with a top guide that allows both the red dot and the holographic view to be equipped.
  • Effects of descent and disappearance of the parachutes were added upon landing. The character's landing animation has been remarkably improved.
  • Increase in maximum capacity of button size adjustment to 250%. In addition, the left trigger button can now be moved outside the edge of the screen.
  • The new update also improves the effect of flame particles in Molotov Cocktail and the explosion effect of fragmentation grenade.
  • New waiting emoticons will arrive on all classic mode maps. In addition, the problems of the inactive volume of the Dacia, the motorcycle and the Rony were corrected. As you probably noticed, there are many new features that will be implemented in this version 0.17.0 of PUBG Mobile.

Performance improvements in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

  • Enhanced Bluetooth headset latency.
  • Improvement of vegetation and rendering efficiency.
  • UI improvements in some Android models.
  • Increased combat frame rate of some low-end devices to offer a more fluid gaming experience.
  • Improvement in energy consumption of some mid-range to high-end devices.
  • The problem of frame length is better on some Android devices.

Bonus Challenge (Tournaments)

Experience the thrill of progress between daily games, weekly games and monthly games competitions. The champions of each month may advance to the finals online and compete for the opportunity to reach the finals offline. On the other hand, they can also be rewarded with a face-to-face invitation to the world finals to see professional players in action.

ESports center

A homepage was added for players to find interesting content about the competitive scene from PUGB Mobile. In addition, Influencer & Crew options were added to the video center for players to follow their mistakes, see their videos and even send them messages.

You have realized? The new PUBG Mobile update comes with a lot of really interesting changes and improvements. And you, What caught your attention the most?

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