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Xiaomi had a clone of the Galaxy S7 Edge and that was how luca

Throughout 2016, Samsung launched the world on Galaxy S7 Edge, a smartphone that stood out, at that time, for its curved screen, its camera and other specifications. However, what nobody knows is that Xiaomi also had a practically identical model.

Already for a long time, Chinese companies have removed the stigma of only copying other products. XiaomiFor example, it has been pointed out to be inspired by Manzana, but the reality is that you have never copied a mobile device. In fact, The Chinese company has stood out for innovating in its products.

However, a couple of years ago, Xiaomi was about to make an almost identical copy of a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but I decided to change my mind in time, so I never launched the smartphone.

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge It was one of the most luxurious and the most innovative in terms of design. The curved screen, which gave a very special touch to this model, was about to be replicated with the Xiaomi Mi 6 Pro, a device that was canceled on time.

According to a Weibo leak, this smartphone may have had a slightly lower front fingerprint reader than the Xiaomi Mi 6 and more similar to the devices of Samsung in those few.

The version of Xiaomi It did not have physical buttons, but only mounted the front fingerprint reader. Everything else would have been virtual; that is, in that sense, the Xiaomi Mi 6 Pro Yes, he could have stood out in innovation, although not so much in design.

You can see the example below:

Meanwhile, you can see when we practice unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge below:

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Have you ever had a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?