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When will the foldable iPhone arrive? – Video

A year still accepting a dream to join could take place again and how much we will see is iphone hitting well another session of Kirchner of the apple.
The next Kovacs could be accompanied to bed according to a recent report by Bloom for Japan for months testing a function that analyzes not only the quantity but the quality of sleep.
A function that until now only possible with a third party application in the Awards.
While its rivals have been with this type of function rivals such as Samsung for years.
They win and yes but they also have the advantage.
Stop a battery much more durable than the pugwash and that is why they do not expect results overnight in the morning according to the report we do not see this type of function.
Until two thousand and twenty because before carrying a function of this type especially a health function.
A does not have to do thousands of tests that take months or even years and also has to solve the problem of the battery at the moment does not even hold the twenty-four hours.
Something that is sper important appointment to be recording the dream all night.
Enter all we want to be the oasis of two thousand nineteen maybe.
Blood pressure registration as what Samsung has just presented in its new active galaxy Watts although in this case Samsung's version is starting or not usually launching this type of reverse function.
But we do not know that it is already a possibility.
For these types of smart watches.
Well, the news that we can't hear very often in this God opens the doors down well at least we think so since it began to seem very.
Briefly in the application of the congo even though the transit to launch his account did not serve, he did not think that perhaps they are not going to have access to June, meanwhile the companies did not take charge despite the fact that none issued a a statement to Bloomberg in which he said that we were a mistake towards and that they have nothing to announce at the moment.
But that turns out to be true, it will not come as a surprise because we know that you are looking to expand your services to other platforms.
They were their own products.
And we saw that the application start it is now available on Android devices has made Sara start in the elected Amazon and this year under announced that Samsung's new TVs will have access to iTunes is already law two.
In the good for now we have the phones to deliver a theme that is on the lips of all technology lovers.
We saw that San his ones presented his new galaxy equipment to which today he presented his doctor X at the mobile devices fair in Barcelona.
And account does not want to put the play the question is when and how.
The company is definitely interested in this space since they have been registered in two thousand and eleven. Of legal telephones this last one was approved in the two thousand fourteen.
And it shows a legal design similar to the galaxy eleven states rests in the two thousand nineteen and seems to be an extension of this same design.
Well, the last one you see here published in Mays marchis.
Sample or other type of phone design that no longer only bends to friendship but has other forms.
Transit is having a hard time getting the idea of ​​an infant talking to the Indian designer without public these images in the background where they show us that an iphone will be made that folds in half.
Like the Samsung phone and the coahuila phone.
But I am not excited because several things still have to happen for them to come true.
The issue of the screens we know that disgust uses screens or Samsung and according to analysts see Goldman Sachs San are still not want to share this type of technology especially.
With his biggest rival in otherwise he does not have to use another screen provider like the one we are also waiting for and he is also testing legal screen technology.
But rather with its Nissan televisions, it is one of taking the advantage in terms of mobile friendly technology.
Then this issue of materials several of these illegal devices use plastic to cover the screens.
And I do not think you no longer want to use plastic on an iPhone so you will have to wait for it with your glass supplier.
You can have a video completely. Drop-down to make something possible that according to what we saw could happen soon but still do not have a glass that can be completely folded. To the half.
Like a piece of plastic or a piece of paper and finally there is the theme of the interface we know that Japan does not launch jarnac without having the tattoo ready.
And for that you have to open the platform to developers so they can imagine.
This platform In a telephone delegate.
All this to tell you that we have not a cable iphone in the two thousand nineteen there are those who say that perhaps the company will have it ready for two thousand and twenty but we do not believe that we will have to wait until two thousand twenty-one.
And gray hair was two years after Samsung two years after Juan is here today and Japan is not so interested in being first.
In addition, legal telephones at least in this first year will not be very practical first at least that Sampson will launch a limited amount of its galaxy two.
According to what they cost an eye of the face to the galaxy Ponte costs almost two thousand dollars that of Juan today cost you more than two thousand dollars and with the last thing that the software still has several failures according to our sources.
An good and finally we have in the results of the competition from sun to iphone to not publicize the names and photos of the ten winners of his campaign and the interesting thing at least for me was that several of these artists are not photographers.
At least by profession. And also that they do not come from the last light model with several of these photos come from the childhood of the iPhone coercion and also intervene from all over the world.
Like Germany Israel, of course, the United States unfortunately No Latin country but good we keep trying.
After a little controversial, I left saying that if I pay the artists for the use of their photos but we don't know exactly how much money to pay.
They insisted interesting photos. That they deserve to be in this campaign by continuing to vary the connection for iPod and although they will not give on the signs in the iphone stores perhaps because they disappear in the account Sandra urges.
Still good with this we finished this session of apple swans but you can news sign the data so far.
The end of point with diagonal in that next week I take a break but we return the week of March 12 with a tapeworm in what we can expect for March element of water so I see them next.
Well. If you are based.