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Train for the challenge of the bottle with your mobile

The last viral internet is the Bottle Flip or standing bottle challenge. You know, every time there is a technique, dance or game that becomes extremely popular and for a few weeks everyone tries it. We are not going to be less but always from our android perspective.

For the little understood, the challenge is to throw a bottle of water, which rotates and falls on the table. That is the easy method, on YouTube you will find hundreds of videos with much more complex and fun versions.

If you do not have any bottle at hand but want to have fun with this challenge for a while, a whole series of applications have appeared on Google Play with which we can throw bottles. It is being a real boom and some of them have already been downloaded thousands of times.

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The most popular of them is Bottle Flip, to dry. An app with a very simple design that meets exactly what it promises, throw bottles on a surface that moves. You slide your finger justly and the bottle is thrown. One of those games as stupidly simple as addictive.

The app already has about a million downloads and has been among the most popular in Google Play, only currently being surpassed by WhatsApp and Google Allo.

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If you want to download it you just have to go to Google Play, but be careful, we already warn you that it hooks as few. If mobile users don't always need complex things, a simple bottle of water is driving everyone crazy and it's great.

The app is free but it has an in-app purchase of € 1.39 to eliminate advertising. Another detail is that the app no internet connection required, an important detail when we are in those sites far from coverage.

Cover image | Vox