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Traffix 3D is a great minimalist puzzle in which to manage traffic

Traffix 3D follows in the wake of its predecessor to bring us that traffic management with a press of our finger that generates satisfactions more than evident from the first seconds of the game.

A new casual game with a minimalist visual style and in which all the details have been pampered to bring a great gaming experience. If you played the previous Traffix, you already have new levels and the occasional surprise in this great new game for your Android mobile. Go for it.

Manage traffic with a simple press

3D Traffix

One of the best aspects of Traffix 3D, and that follows the basis of what was generated with the first Traffix, is the simplicity that means to press the screen to change the color of the traffic light from red to green and thus it is possible for traffic to decongest before our eyes.

A row of cars will accumulate on the road when the traffic light is red while another is traveling along the road they are trying to cross. The idea is that we find the right time for some to pass without stumbling or colliding with the others. After a limit number of vehicles that have managed to travel to the other route, we finish the level to move on to the next one.

There is nothing to say about their similarities also to another great casual minimalist such as Mini Metro. Similarities at the graphic level for a magnificent gaming experience through our mobile and in which that freemium is not lacking with advertising that will help us generate more income every time we pass the level or we have simply unlocked a new vehicle.

Traffix 3D and the capitals of the world to manage

3D Traffix

Another of Traffix's stitches is that each level represents a capital. That is, you will be able to manage traffic in Rome, Mexico City or New York itself. It is rather to give more depth to the gameplay, since we will not find ways that remind us of those cities, although it is always good to know that they are capital and that it encourages us to continue playing.

In total we have in Traffix 3D more than 100 levels, 3D graphics, dozens of new vehicles and new mechanics with which to enjoy the original of your gameplay. In fact, this time even the vehicles that we let through the traffic lights will become the same with which the following ones that we pass will be able to collide.

One of the secondary objectives of this casual is to get all the vehicles. And this you will do through the coins you get by completing a level, finding keys while playing and unlocking classic cars.

Patience is the mother of science

3D Traffix

Traffix 3D is a game where we have to arm ourselves with the necessary patience to wait and give the starting pistol to pass the traffic light to green. Seeing how cars are happening one after the other when we get the trick is an experience. And this is one of its main virtues to continue playing each of its 100 levels.

Visually is an ode to minimalism and its color palette It is perfect to have a combination that lets you like from the first minute of the game. The original levels also attract and in its entirety is a new game for Android more than attractive.