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This is the number of times the Motorola razr can double without breaking

Even though that him Motorola razr It was presented last year, being until a few weeks later when it officially begins to be marketed in several countries around the world, however, the North American medium, CNET, has already been able to perform some performance tests of the device, demonstrating how many times it can be folded and deployed without presenting problems, although the results have been disappointing.

How many times can the Motorola be folded?

Before moving on to the figures, we must mention that CNET used exactly the same machine to fold and deploy the equipment used with the Galaxy Fold, equipment that endured 120 thousand openings and closures before presenting serious problems with the flexible screen, which represented a lifetime of more than 3 years.

In CNET tests, the Motorola razr I only hold 27 thousand folds before its mechanism began to fail.

If we consider the study that indicates that users consult their phone at least 80 times a day, then this means that in a little less than a year Motorola's flexible phone will start to fail.

Motorola mentioned at the time that this phone should endure for at least 2 years without problems, and that during the first year users will have a guarantee by default in the folding and deployment mechanism for normal use.

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Other details that we must consider is that the CNET tests are not official, and that in order to obtain a more accurate data, it will be necessary to repeat the test several times in order to obtain an average of resistance, because in addition to all this, the American media mentioned that it could There has been some calibration problem with your robot because the company that configures it did not have a Mototola reason to do tests before the one that made CNET.

Even with this, the number offered by this Motorola razr puts
in doubt the flexible technology, because for now it seems that it is still very fragile
and very expensive to replace ordinary smartphones.