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The pay to win and the loot boxes in the spotlight in Spain

Alberto Garzón

It was time, and is that the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, has announced that they will put serious restrictions on loot boxes or calls like loot boxes. These are almost 90% of freemium games and condemn players to have to open them in order to progress properly.

Apart from that psychologically causes addiction and sows the seed so that young players can see bookmakers in a more attractive way; and that they have also received restrictions on advertising ads.

Regulate loot boxes in Spain


The goal is to regulate loot boxes, and they usually have items highly appreciated by players but with a very low percentage index in order to encourage more boxes to open, and that approach their methodology to bets for that low percentage.

As Alberto Garzón himself collects, the loot boxes is a perverse system which encourages the impulsive consumption of gambling and can stimulate behaviors of gambling, especially in minors.

Touch that of luck that one can have and that is deeply rooted in feeling a graceful person. So once after another we can try a loot box to see if we get that new outfit for our character in Fortnite or a new card to improve that unit in Clash Royale.

A measure that follow other countries like Belgium and that prevent loot boxes from being used in your country. We gather again the words of the Minister: it is a perverse system. And a system that is increasingly taking root to be a part of many of the games; games that we go through this page and which we play as are Fortnite and PUBG Mobile themselves.

With the goal set in the pay to win

Loot boxes in Fortnite

The truth that it is amazing to see a government of a country speak with these terms and how they want to put the goal in the pay to win; those games in which if you pay you will have countless advantages over those players who put their daily time to try to progress properly.

Yes it is true that there is a difference between some freemium. We can get to understand the freemium where cosmetic boxes are obtained in these loot boxes and that have no other reason than to personalize our avatar. But the worst are those that allow you to obtain special skills or rare objects that are otherwise almost impossible to do with them.

The video game industry recorded a turnover exceeding 1.53o million euros. They are the pay to win to which you want to put serious restrictions with new measures in which Consumption would be working and thus act accordingly to stop the feet to this series of perverse maneuvers and game mechanics.

All in garlic

Loot boxes in PUBG Mobile