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the future of mobile games

In the world of technology everything advances by leaps and bounds. As the processors evolve, it is increasingly possible to create more advanced applications and video games.

Despite the evolutions of the hardware, the world of video games is a bit capricious, and games that are already years behind him are still revered by the public. But what is the difference between yesterday and today games? And the most important,how would a PlayStation 2 game look if we put it in front of an Android game? Let's take a look.

Playstation 2 vs Android: Why does it matter so much?

Today we compare to two heavyweights in the gaming world. On the one hand we have Android, our favorite platform, while its competition is none other than the Playstation 2, the most popular console in history.

We will talk a little about both platforms, about why Playstation 2 got where it came from and the Android situation about it, comparing some of the best Android games against Sony's legends. And, above all, we will analyze how the current mobile games look in comparison to the PS2 games.

Sales of the PS2: The best selling console in history

The PlayStation 2 is one of the best-selling consoles in history, and it is impossible not to resort to this model when it comes to comparisons when talking about current mobile games

The first argument is quite simple. Why compare Android with the Playstation 2 as a gaming platform? This console that was launched in 2000 could already be classified as a technological fossil, but nevertheless it has a great achievement behind it. The Sony console has continued to be manufactured until the year, and although today there are hardly any new games, It is one of the longest consoles.

And why have Playstations 2 been manufactured until three years ago? Basically because there were people who kept buying them. Throughout his life Sony has sold more than 159 million units, which makes it the best-selling video game console in history. To get the idea, Steam currently has 142 million accounts, so we could say that the greatness of Playstation 2 exceeds even the PC Master Race.

Their specifications were not so much …

BTAGFW Playstation

The Playstation 2 has not become the best selling console by chance. One of the reasons why it swept its rivals was because of its technical file, full of innovations that they made it possible to create a console that could stand so well the passage of time. These are some of its specifications:

  • Emotion Engine RISC MIPS4 64bit CPU at 294.912MHz.
  • Co-Processor for floating point operations.
  • Vector processing unit.
  • 24KB cache
  • 32MB of RAM memory at 400MHz.
  • 150MHz graphic processor, 6.2GFLOPS of power.
  • 4MB of VRAM memory.

The truth is that it is not the most powerful console of its generation (in fact, among the four most important of its generation, it is only more powerful than the Dreamcast), but it was launched at a key moment.

The Playstation 1 managed to give Sony a great reputation, and the fact that 1-2 years ahead of Nintendo and Microsoft It allowed it to become the fashion console, in addition to including a DVD player capable of playing movies at a time when we were saying goodbye to VHS. Everything Sony could do well, it came out.

… but what a play left us

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<p>But with those specifications, the games should be much lower than the current ones, right? Negative, the Playstation 2 <strong>refined the three-dimensionality formula</strong> who had proposed consoles as their predecessor and the Nintendo 64 taking it to a new level.</p><div class='code-block code-block-9' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of The Collosus, God Of War, Metal Gear 2, the best Pro Evolution Soccer, the birth of Call of Duty, Gran Turismo 4, Dragon Ball Z Budokai or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas … and many more games that we left on the road. The best of his generation.