The curved screen also seduces Microsoft

The curved screen also seduces Microsoft

Some companies such as LG and Samsung have already shown smartphones with impressive curved screens, and since Samsung launched its first mobile “edge, the Galaxy Note Edge, consumers have been interested in this type of innovative devices. Therefore, it is not surprising that Microsoft wants to join the race of curved screens.

According to the website, the tech giant could be working on a new smartphone to be called Lumia 888, of which some supposed images have been leaked in which a device with an end-to-end screen and a metal rear body is observed.

According to the images, the Lumia 888 includes a transparent start button, that is, it is part of the same screen and therefore can be seen through it. This is a rather strange concept that although it could have a visual impact, it may not be so practical.

The new mobile have some sensors on the sides that will allow the interaction to go swipe, this to increase and decrease the volume. These sensors will also allow users to turn on the Cortana virtual assistant.

Another novelty of the Lumia 888 is the incorporation of nen lights on the sides, which will work as notifications when changing color. On the sides we can also find a fingerprint sensor.

At the moment, it is not known what the size of the screen is or its resolution, nor the number of pixels of the camera. Quia as the weeks go by we can know more about this new equipment.

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