Telegram, the Safe Alternative to WhatsApp Compatible with iPad

Telegram, the Safe Alternative to WhatsApp Compatible with iPad

The Telegram app is compatible with iPad, iPad Mini and of course with iPhone

For a few days there is a lot of talk about Telegram, an instant messenger app very similar to WhatsApp but with some features that make it completely different and, on paper, better.

As we said at the time, One of Telegram's strengths is its privacy. The conversations are encrypted and this helps to improve the security of our conversations and to avoid that if someone intercepts them, it is difficult to decipher what is really being talked about.

One of the most requested features for WhatsApp is a version for iPad and another for a computer. The creators of the service disagree and say no, that WhatsApp is a service to always carry and that the logical thing is that it works from a smartphone.

Telegram in principle works the same way and for now its official app is only adapted to smartphones, although It is possible to install this version on an iPad or iPad Mini and use it with the x2 mode(and on devices with Jailbreak it is possible to use it in full screen thanks to Tweaks like FullForce and RetinaPad)

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<h3>Telegram is compatible with iPad or iPad Mini, although the app is not adapted yet, it works!</h3>
<p>The app is associated with a telephone number and to configure it we ask for it and send us a confirmation code. Typically, we receive the code on the iPhone (which is where we will have the SIM with the phone number), but <strong>Entering this code by hand on the iPad we can configure it without problem</strong>.</p><div class='code-block code-block-5' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Once the app is configured on both devices, we will begin to receive all the messages that send us in both (or more than two) and those that we send will also appear. In this way we can start a conversation on iPhone and go to iPad without any problem, since both will be perfectly synchronized at all times (except for private conversations that will only be available on the device from which they are started).

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There is one but important and is that unlike iMessages (the Apple messenger service), Telegram cannot synchronize notifications, so if we are having a conversation from iPhone, when taking the iPad we will have notifications of all conversations. Something a bit annoying and that can be a privacy issue (if the iPad is at home, anyone can see notifications appear on the screen), but inevitable because of the way the notifications of iOS devices work (At least for now, maybe in iOS 8 Apple take action).

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has a very strong competitor, although Telegram still has a lot to prove and, most importantly, convince WhatsApp users (the dominant service right now) that they have to move on to the new alternative. Something that is not easy, since many people are reluctant to change tools once they get used to one.

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We do not know if Telegram is positioned as a real option. LINE tried and was not too lucky (at least in Spain). Be able Telegram? Get us to forget WhatsApp? Time will tell us. For now we will have to see how it progresses and testing the different apps that appear to use the service, since being free software is not only compatible with the official app, but we will see many that allow access to conversations. On its website we can find a list of those that are arriving.

If you haven't seen Telegram in action yet, here you can see a video review:

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