#RegalarTech is to give a Microsoft Lumia 550, mobility at the best price

#RegalarTech is to give a Microsoft Lumia 550, mobility at the best price

If you are looking for ideas to give technology on Reyes Day, nothing as an alternative for mobility lovers: it is not necessary to spend a lot to please those who are looking for a good, beautiful and cheap mobile phone, because the Lumia 550 offers you that option with the quality of Microsoft.

Microsoft Lumia 550It is equipped with Windows 10 as standard, 4.7-inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon four-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 4G speed, as well as fine and manageable design in black or white. For all these attributes the Microsoft Lumia 550 is in our Top 3 good, beautiful and cheap tech gifts, which we summarize in this video:

It is important to note that the Microsoft Lumia 550 is the smartphone with the best value for money this Christmas, they mentioned that lets you enjoy all the possibilities Windows 10 in your pocket; and thanks to the new universal applications that this operating system has, the user experience will be familiar through the rest of devices such as tablets or PCs.

In addition, Microsoft Lumia 550 integrates the new Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote apps, specially designed for touch interfaces, the user can edit their documents anywhere and access them quickly from the device you are using through OneDrive.

All the keys of this phone can be summarized in the following infographic with the best attributes of the Microsoft mobile phone that renews all the features to be the star gift of Kings among those who want a good, beautiful and cheap terminal:

Microsoft Lumia 550_Infography (1)

Price? The Microsoft Lumia 550 is available at a recommended retail price of 129 euros (VAT included) through the Microsoft Store, authorized distributors and operators.

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