Sebastian Jimenez

Microsoft's acquisition of Playground Games without announcing Open World RPG influenced

Of the five studio acquisitions that Microsoft announced at E3 2018, Playground Games was perhaps the least surprising, and the one that made the most sense. The study had already been working closely and successfully with Microsoft for some years with the Forza Horizon games, and not many people were surprised when the two parties formalized their association.

However, according to the creative director of the study, Ralph Fulton, it was not just their past experiences together influenced the decision, but also in which Playground was working for the future. Speaking to Edge in his Christmas edition (Number 326), Fulton said the second unreleased open-world RPG Playground team is working, which has been rumored to a large extent as Fbula 4, was an important factor in the deal between them and Microsoft.

"It definitely influenced our decision, and Xbox's decision, to take this step together," said Fulton. "It wouldn't take a genius to realize that they were both with Xbox. The amount of content we're going to bring to the family was a crucial factor, there."

According to the director of the studio, Gavin Raeburn, Playground wanted to achieve success in a different genre, after having achieved it with the Forza Horizon games. "We feel that we have achieved success in the races and we want to continue with that," Raeburn said, echoing something Fulton had also said before. We love the genre. But we feel that if we really wanted to make a milestone for study, we should also look for success in a different genre. Once again, it made sense to partner with Microsoft, and they were very helpful. "

Fulton also talked about the benefits that Playground Games has been able to take advantage of now that they are part of Microsoft's first line, which for the most part comes down to the possibility of freely collaborating and communicating with other Microsoft studios such as The Coalition, 343. Industries , and ninja theory.

"We could talk to other studios, but it had to leak, you had to go through certain channels," he said. If we wanted to find out about new technologies or initiatives that were emerging, there was a time and place for that to happen, and it was usually just behind the curve. Now that we are a first class studio, I can pick up the phone and dial 343 Studios, The Coalition, Ninja Theory. We can start talking about technology, tools, all those conversations are easy to have.

And hopefully, we can get involved with the future planning of consoles and other initiatives. Although it hasn't been long since the acquisition, just before E3, at the end of May, there are already things that have revealed to us that we don't know. "

As for when we could hear something more concrete about what is working on Playground Games, do not expect official information to be published in the future.