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iPhoto for iPhone and iPad

iPhoto for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

iPhoto for iOS be our app of the day on iPadizate, Apple's image manager par excellence offers us a very simple and improved design, with new options at the time of retouching and managing your photos, with improvements in its image processing system or with juicy novelties such as the possibility of requesting high quality printed copies in various sizes from the app itself. iPhoto, has many more possibilities.

iPhoto become the best place to organize, retouch and share your photos. With its new interface adapted to iOS 7 you can manage your photos quickly and easily, its editing tools will allow you to make basic touch-ups, such as exposure or color, or add professional effects with just one finger. White balance, red eyes, gradients, special filters, black and white, removes stains, selective touch up and much more. With iPhoto you will have everything you need to make your photos look spectacular.

iPhoto, where your photos live

In iPhoto you can organize your photos in several ways, so that when looking for and finding them you will be much more comfortable. You can filter your searches according to three criteria, favorites, marked and with labels. Also now the images will be grouped automatically by months, therefore it will cost you much less to locate them. You will do all this at a speed of vertigo thanks to the 64-bit compatibility of your new processing system.

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Once you have your photos retouched and organized create a custom slide show with your favorite images, touch and drag to add captions, maps, dates, weather, you can even add details in your travel photos such as the flag or the local currency. With iPhoto and its interactive slide shows you can choose from 12 different themes. You will have the possibility to choose the order of appearance of the images, with a simple gesture you can control the reproduction of the pass. Once the pass is made, you can share it with the entire world through AirDrop, Mail or social networks.

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<p>As a great novelty, the new version of iPhoto presents the possibility of <strong>create a professional photo book and bind it with a hardcover</strong>. Design your own book of photos of your honeymoon, or your child's birthday, send it to print and bind and Apple will take care of everything, You can even send several equal books to different recipients. Do the same with your paper copies, upload your photos to Apple servers and they will be sent to the address you want printed on high quality paper and to the size you want.</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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If you don't like it, after editing, organizing, managing, creating slideshows, binding books and printing copies, you can show your photos on TV through Apple TV and AirPlay, or share them with iMovie and other compatible iOS apps. All from the same device, without leaving the sofa, and in a fast and simple way.

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The new version of iPhoto is now available in the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini and is included free with the new devices. You no longer have excuses for not teaching or sharing your photos. Make your photos a true experience and dazzle your friends with your unforgettable moments. iPhoto, where your photos live.