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How to watch the Soccer Queen Cup 2019/2020

copa reina directo

Levante, Espanyol and Barcelona currently lead the club palmars with more Cup titles, each with six championships. Now, only one of them has the opportunity to go ahead and get the leadership.

This March will be the semifinals of the 38th edition of the Soccer Queen's Cup. The schedules and venues of the tie are already known, which is a single match, and in addition both matches can be enjoyed in the open.

We explain how to follow the semifinals and the final of the Copa de la Reina live, the second women's football competition in importance. Who can get up with the expected title? Achieve the Bara get his seventh Cup?

When is the 2019/2020 Soccer Queen Cup played?

The Soccer Queen's Cup is currently played only among the 16 best women's teams in Spain, corresponding to the 16 teams that make up the First Women's Division of Spain of the same season.

The round of 16 were played, in a single match, on February 11 and 12. Of this tie, eight clubs were classified that met again in the quarterfinals of last 25 and 26 February. Now the semifinals will be played.

This is the schedule of the semifinals of the Soccer Queen's Cup:

  • March 17 | 7:00 p.m. – Barcelona vs Seville
  • March 17 | 7:00 pm – Logroo vs Athletic Club

The grand finale will take place on May 31 and face the winners of Bara-Sevilla and Logroo-Athletic. It has already been made public that the final of the Copa de la Reina 2019/2020 will be played at the La Rosaleda stadium, in Mlaga.

How to watch the Soccer Cup of the Queen 2019/2020

This season, TVE has won the broadcasting rights of the Soccer Queen's Cup and has already broadcast four games of the round of 16 and the entire quarter round. Also broadcast the two semifinals and the grand final.

Specifically, you can follow the games through the Teledeporte channel, either on television or through your platform in streaming. Being open, you will not have to subscribe to any plan and you can see them on your mobile, tablet, computer or laptop.

How to watch the 2019/2020 Soccer Queen Cup from Latin America

It is possible that you want to follow the semifinals and the final of the Cup of the Queen of football outside Spain. If so, see that it is as easy as going to the Teledeporte website, although make sure you have installed a VPN since the content may be restricted.

The small inconvenience of living outside Spain is not being able to watch the games live on TV, although this can be easily solved if you connect your mobile device with Internet access to your TV. You can do it with a HDMI cable or a Chromecast.