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How to view notifications on a locked iPhone

There are many notifications that you can receive on an iPhone. Whether messages, emails, application updates, or news of any app.

Applications that can send you notifications can be controlled through Settings, and you can also view them even without needing to unlock the iPhone. Here is our guide on how to do this last.

How to view notifications on a locked iPhone

In order to see notifications as they arrive, you will first have to make sure that some settings are activated. Go to Settings> Notifications> Show previews, then select Always.

This means that whatever the way your iPhone is (locked or unlocked) you will be presented with a short version of the alert.

Staying on the same page and scrolling down, you will see several applications that you have installed. If you touch one, the notification settings will open, where you can decide whether or not they are enabled.

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Use of notifications on the lock screen

Once you have received a notification while your iPhone is locked, it will be displayed on the lock screen. From here you have some options. The first is simply to touch the message, then unlock your device and you will be automatically taken to the corresponding application.

If you swipe left on the notification, three options will appear: Manage, View and Delete. Manage allows you to establish the way in which notifications for that particular application behave. Options include Deliver in Silence, which prevents the application from displaying alerts on the lock screen or making noise when it arrives (perfect if you want to keep the notification private).

There is also the possibility to turn off alerts completely or go to Settings to have more control.

The view opens the notification in a small window and gives you the ability to respond to messages without going to the full application. While Delete delete the item from the notification center and lock the screen.