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Fight in the arena against another player in the fun Knockdown Heroes

Knockdown Heroes has been in the Play Store in beta for a few days and already raises fun games thanks to its online multiplayer that faces one player against another.

As if we were in a roman arena, this new Android game brings you to the full control of your hero so you have to ram him against the same player. And for that better than using the sides to take a bit of a run and take a good blow to the enemy hero. Go for it.

A very recognizable style and interface design

Knockdown heroes

We say it for your very recognizable similarities to what we have seen in several Supercell games and we don't even need to mention the names. Still, Knockdown Heroes is a game that invites you to be played for being an online multiplayer arena in which we are going to have fun moments.

Especially for the onslaught of the enemy player as "torear" Your onslaught. Not only does this remain, but we will have the ability to use skills while using some of the mechanics we will find on the maps; we talk about huge sharp saws or the appearance of enemies controlled by the machine.

So we will have to deal with the enemy player so much with that hostile environment, so each game becomes very interesting and fun. And not only have we talked about the interface resembling those games mentioned, but in the way of dealing we are in them.

Level up and improve your cards in Knockdown Heroes

That is, we talk about unlock loot boxes, get cards, improve skills, heroes and all those elements that have made freemium the prevailing in many games we have in the Play Store. By the way, there are few games that have imitated that mechanics of elements of the Supercell games like the new G.I. Joe

And being before a multiplayer online game and be in beta, we have to have a little patience while being populated by new players who get hooked on their mechanics and those 1v1 games. Yes we have met players, especially because of the crazy games, but you will face bots.

Also comment that you will face higher level players, but only because of the fact that it is still lacking players; logical to be released recently and be in beta. Another of the punches of Knockdown Heroes are its 9 heroes. That is, you will be able to unlock new ones and improve what you have; logically each with its own characteristics.

Master the different scenarios

Knockdown heroes

As we have commented, each map has its own mechanics and it will be something that you do to it to take advantage of it. This will mean that you can win games even to players with a higher level, always of course you know how to play your cards well.

Visually it is a very attractive game, although it tries to imitate in all the menus of the said games. We are left with its funny moments when we fight against others, although it does have some that lag than another in multiplayer games. Hopefully they will improve it, but that's what a beta is about.