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FIFA 17 Companion, expands the possibilities of the football game

FIFA 17 Companion, expands the possibilities of the soccer game

The most important football game of the year came to Android a few days ago bringing all the excitement of leagues and championships. EA Sports FIFA 17 It has begun its expansion to mobile phones, but also to consoles and computers. Do you already play it on the big screen or are you about to do it? You have another complement beyond the Android game: its companion app or «companion».

With FIFA 17 Companion you will expand the possibilities of the game for PS4, XBOX and PC. You need an EA account, the game installed and a FIFA Ultimate Team club. Install the app "companion", synchronize it and go: you will have access at any time to the most "paused" options of the game.

Management of signings, templates … From your Android mobile

FIFA 17 Companion, expands the possibilities of the soccer game

FIFA 17 is a soccer game that not only focuses on the simulation of this sport, but also everything that surrounds teams, clubs and leagues. The part of player management and administrator It is one of the most engaging, especially with the encouragement of FIFA Points and envelopes.

Thanks to the application FIFA 17 Companion it will be much easier for you to access the administrative part of the game without the need to have the console or computer plugged in. Movements, new signings, know at what price the players move to acquire them when they are more profitable …

Further, FIFA 17 Companion has access to the game store, so building the team of your dreams is possible even when you are on your way to work. Redeem envelopes with coins or FIFA Points directly from your mobile or tablet, manage the equipment and play with it when you get home and turn on the console or computer. Much more comfortable; In addition to exciting.

FIFA 17 Companion is now available

FIFA 17 Companion, expands the possibilities of the soccer game

Since the game is almost ready, the application is too (it officially comes out on September 29). You can download it right now to your Android mobile or tablet. Although yes: many users are reporting synchronization problems with their EA accounts.