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5 special tricks to improve the experience in One UI 2.0

5 special tricks to improve the experience in One UI 2.0

One UI 2.0 is here to stay and has become the settlement as a great custom layer for the Galaxy. We go to teach 5 special tricks to get all the possible performance to this custom layer.

Although to tell the truth they are some who stand out by themselves and there are many more. The truth is that it does not stop innovating and improving the experience on our phones, amazing the work done by Samsung with this version, so we go ahead with those special things of the new Android 10 version in One UI 2.0 of the Galaxy Note 10 and others Galaxy

Quick access to each of the notification panel settings

Quick settings

If we make a downward gesture we display the notifications, and if we do another one, we will have the quick access panel with its Bluetooth, GPS, Night Mode and more. Now, if you click on the name of each of the settings, and instead of needing that long press that achieved the same result, you will have direct access.

That is if before with a long press on the Bluetooth icon We were going straight to your settings, now with a click on your name you will do the same. A trick nimio, but that has its importance for immediacy.

The gestures of One UI 2.0

One UI 2.0 gestures

We will not tire of repeating them, but you have to make new gestures. You can activate them like this:

  • Settings> Display> Navigation bar and activate Full Screen Gestures.
  • Now we give in more options.
  • And click on “Slide from the sides and the bottom”

Another trick is to activate the "allow gesture back on the keyboard" and so we will save having to make the gesture above the keyboard. Although we also have another option that will be another of the following special tricks for the Galaxy Note 10+.

Gesture to pass between apps

Gesture between apps

Of all the gestures of One UI 2.0 we are left with the one that is done at the bottom and that With a small curve we can go to the previous app. If we make the same gesture again we will go to the previous one.

But is that if we do it to the opposite side without even a few seconds have passed, we can go back to the previous one. It's a matter of getting used to it, but when we get it, the experience of browsing the desktop and apps improves a lot.

Down gesture in Chrome

Chrome gesture

It is the exception of the 5 tricks, since it is of Google’s Chrome app itself. And since we walk with gestures from here to there, because another great trick to handle with the eyelashes.

  • Make a gesture right from the space in the URL field down and you will see all open tabs.

It is a simple trick but it greatly improves the experience; especially if you were one of those who used the number button with the number of open tabs.

Activate the hide keyboard button

Hide keyboard gesture