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15 best apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch

Smart watches are an increasingly common complement. The Samsung Galaxy Watch and its aspects, is one of the best known smartwatches that exist. Then we will show you the best apps to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

All Samsung werables have their own operating system, called Tizen. Tizen is a fairly closed operating system and whose maximum splendor is achieved with a Samsung Galaxy mobile, as in the case of Apple with Apple Watch and iPhone.

It should be noted that Google has its own operating system for smart watches that is called Wear OS, although it is a somewhat less popular operating system than Tizen o WatchOS in the case of Apple Watch.

In order to link our Samsung Galaxy Watch, we will need a smartphone, this will be a key piece both in the process of configuring the device, and at the time of Install or uninstall applications.

Even if we can manage certain applications with the Samsung Gear app, from the Galaxy Store that is in our mobile. This application store is really interesting because it has a section through which we are shown certain applications which are compatible with Samsung wearables.

All the applications that we will discuss next, are available within the section Watch located in the lower right of the Galaxy Store app.

Although by itself Samsung smart watches are already equipped with certain services own which are very useful for sports, because the vast majority of watches that Samsung has are focused on sports, we may be looking for apps beyond this and that are useful for our day.

Before we begin, we must clarify that not all applications that we will discuss below are free, but that Some of them are paid or may even have some type of subscription.


Image - 15 best apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch

Performing sports while listening to our favorite songs is a common practice among athletes, so we may find it interesting have all the songs we want to grimace. On the other hand, we must say that we can listen to Spotify without the need of our smartphone if we have the subscription to Spotify Premium, since this allows us to have music without connection, in this case, in our face.

Comparison: Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

It is a very interesting option to be able to measure at all times the physical exercise we are doing and to listen to music through a bluetooth headset. On the other hand, if we do not have Spotify premium this app stops making enough sense, although it is always good to manage the volume, move on to the next song or pause it from our face.

  1. Download Spotify from the Samsung Galaxy Store