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10 essential applications for your vacation

As they say, the air brings the scent of holidays. Is your ass smelling of beach? Or to the mountains, to a distant city that you had been wanting to visit for years … It doesn't matter: the most anticipated time of the year has almost arrived, that period in which you can disconnect the mobile without fear of losing an important email. And that is what you need, disconnect. Always having your Android on hand just in case you need it.

Translate conversations, keep your tickets saved, have access to maps … The mobile is an excellent help during the holidays as long as you do not get carried away by work or conversations of your messaging apps. So what are the essential holiday applications?

Removing the ones that come standard on your Android, such as Google Maps, the web browser and the Google Play Store, we have selected the following applications: they will all help you at some point during your trip.

Google Translate

10 essential applications for your holidays your offline translations

In short: essential if you escape on vacation abroad. Having a complete dictionary with the option to make simultaneous translations, from a photo and translate texts in real time will be of such help that you will surely regret it if you do not carry the Google translator in your collection So you already know.

Google Datally

Not only does it allow you to save data, it also offers you a very interesting option: Datally will find you the WiFi hotspots closest to your position. We recommend that you refrain from using the Internet to look at your social networks and upload photos to Instagram, you need to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Of course, in the case that you need to call or send an important message, surely you thank that cafeteria with Wifi.

TunnelBear VPN


You may need to connect in another country to your usual place of residence. Even worse: if you travel to territories that control Internet access, as is the case in China, you will find a VPN essential, like TunnelBear. It is a free application that enables a tunnel to pass the connection as if it were from another country; This way you avoid any blockage.

In the case of China, free VPNs do not usually work. A similar application that we have verified its operation perfectly is Private Tunnel. You can hire the GB you need.

Travel guides

Taking advantage of the holidays to rest is very good, but you may want the opposite: know other destinations based on kicking their cities. In this sense, it is very worthwhile to load on your mobile those applications that serve as a guide to know the sites you visit. We have stayed with the following apps.

Google Photos and its unlimited storage

10 essential applications for your vacation

Photos is one of those applications that usually save many vacations, especially for its automatic and unlimited upload option. Simply activate it from your assistant and every night, when your mobile connects to the hotel's WiFi, Google Photos will take care of putting all the images you have captured safely. When you return from vacation you can even share your albums to envy.

The application of your airline

If you fly abroad it is best to install the applications of all the companies where you have a ticket. Not only can you show it without printing it, you will also have all the flight information as well as the possible incidents. You can also check in directly from the apps: it is much more comfortable (often also easier) than from the smartphone.