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Will Apple be forced to cancel WWDC 20 because of the coronavirus?

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In what we carry from year, the coronavirus epidemic has forced the organizers of major technological events to make really difficult decisions. The first to fall was the Mobile World Congress, the biggest mobile phone event succumbed to the cancellations produced by the large firms that preferred not to attend given the current circumstance.

More cancellations at the rate of the coronavirus

Now it seems that other greats are going to follow in their footsteps, and that is yesterday Facebook announced the cancellation of the F8. The congress of developers that hosts the popular social network has preferred to cancel its edition this year justifying its decision to prioritize the health and safety of its assistants. Microsoft canceled its attendance at another of the great technological events of the year. The Game Developers Conference not having in this edition the presence of the strongest figures in the sector, since followed by Microsoft, Sony announced that it will not attend this time either. Since the organization of the event, it has been indicated that the GDC move forward, at least for the moment, despite the low.

Another event that may also be affected by COVID-19 and to which The World Health Organization is already preventing the next Olympic Games in Japan, which are scheduled for the next months of July and August. In this case, the International Olympic Committee that has ruled on the event, indicating that if they had to be forced to change the dates of the same, they might directly choose to cancel it.

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Cancel Apple the WWDC of 2020?

For the moment Apple still has time to decide what to do with its congress of developers and to evaluate how the virus situation evolves before releasing dates and official announcements. Today there is the possibility that the event is canceled, and that is that COVID-19 is wreaking havoc for those of Cupertino, but there is still a month ahead to finally make a decision, and that is that It's usually in March when Apple sends invitations to the event.

Little more remains to be done for now, it only remains to wait to see how it develops this month and see how the circumstance with the virus progresses. As we say, Apple may cancel the event if it deems appropriate, or adapt it to the circumstance and broadcast it remotely without face-to-face assistants as has been speculated. For the moment we will have to wait until they are the ones who indicate if the WWDC will finally be carried out, and if not, so that they pronounce on What is the procedure and roadmap for this year for developers?.