WhatsApp put a stop to spam

WhatsApp put a stop to spam

One of the things that bothers you most when opening a message from WhatsApp It is without a doubt those that we open thinking that it was something important, to then meet the infinite chains that they say that if you do not share them, you will have years and more years of bad luck, another very common is to meet the Blessings or the famous ones Share with 15 people so that the messenger service is still free, among other things that some users still believe.

It is for these reasons that the application will begin to notify all its users about messages that turn out to be chains or the blissful spam, is what has been made known through WaBetaInfo.

It has been said that the service will send a notification to its users with the purpose of notifying them that the message they just received has been forwarded several times in a row, just like the app will notify you when the content you are about to send has already been processed how Spam.

It is worth mentioning that what was released through the company's report is still under development, so there is still no exact date of availability or that the new function is a total fact

On the other hand, if you receive a message from Spam, you can report it to the person who sent it to WhatsApp, so that the company will check it from the platform, as long as complaints have been received repeatedly from the same user.

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