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Wendy's insult McDonald's, but the brand's response was great

  • According to Statista, McDonald’s is the second most valuable fast food brand in the world

  • Above it, only Starbucks is placed, with a capitalization of 39.268 billion dollars

  • On the other hand, Wendy’s is a little lower in the global ranking, with only 3 thousand 365 million dollars

There has been much and repeated talk about brand rivalries in advertising efforts. For example, before his curious activation of a rotting hamburger, a host of Burger King competitors They joined the topic to make fun and promote themselves. In an interview, the Xbox leader only said that he does not consider Sony or Nintendo as serious rivals. And last Christmas, Pepsi and Coca-Cola They got into a brief medical fight.

Although there are several benefits of such interactions, a brand also risks a couple of things when it gives in to these public rivalries. In accordance with IdeasBig, these actions can draw attention to rivals. For its part, Entrepreneur He points out that the vision of other competitors in the market, who take advantage to grow, can be lost. In information of Seven atoms, you may also cross certain delicate ethical lines in some cases.

Of course, there are businesses that are very similar to this marketing strategy, especially within the fast food industry. Agents like Burger King and Wendys very constantly make fun of rivals, trying to monopolize the conversation on social networks and undermine the leaders' reputation. Of course, given this type of situation, the brand that is affected cannot remain silent. However, what is the best way to answer?

McDonalds expires (and gives a brand lesson)

For some days, through his Twitter account, Wendys launched a simple tweet where he declared the death of the McDonalds Egg McMuffin sandwich. In the post, I also called this product mediocre. This activation is part of the brand's effort to position its own Baconator Breakfast, which has positioned itself making fun of the industry leader. The business did not answer directly, but his response was a stroke of genius.

Related Notes

INC Note that McDonalds responded to Wendys not with insults, but with intelligence. The Baconator Breakfast was expected to debut in the United States (US) market on March 2. As a revenge for his rival's tweet, the house of the Big Mac declared the National Day of the Egg McMuffin. As part of this activation, the restaurant offered this sndwich for free to all users who will download your app And make an order.

Brain kills grace?

Much of the appeal of rivarly marketing, as we can call these activations, is the response that the affected brand gives to the competitor who starts the lawsuit. And on more than one occasion, it is this counterattack that takes the palms. For example, Wendys returned his mockery to Burger King for a photo in social networks. And for a legal fight over a series of insults and false accusations about their prescriptions, AB InBev and MillerCoors they went to court.

Why is McDonalds decision so smart? It should be noted that companies like Wendys and Burger King like to get into this controversy of the rivalry marketing because that way they can get the attention of the press and the media. However, for the industry leader, entering this game is not convenient. The only thing he will get is to give his rivals a prominent place in the eyes of consumers. That, without earning much promotion for herself.

Thus, launching this marketing strategy to sabotage the product launch is the best response plan that could have been devised. Not only did he manage to sabotage the launch of his direct rival, but he also demonstrated with facts that the Egg McMuffin is neither as dead nor as mediocre as they say. For a brand that usually does not usually take many risks, it is an activation that is blunt and, in addition, can not go wrong.