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War On Cobra arrives on Android very brightly

G.I. Joe: War On Cobra does not change anything about the current gaming landscape, but to provide a visual quality worth mentioning; Although the battery of our mobile is ahead, see those flashes and special effects has its price.

A very Clash of Clans title and in which we have to build our base as well as attack the enemy's. There are already a few, if not many, games in this style and because they look like it doesn't seem to change. That is, they will continue to launch games to try to capture the attention of those who get bored of the Supercell classic.

The brand is worth its own

GIJOE War on Cobra

The pull that has G.I. Joe: War On Cobra practically comes for who it represents and it is, nothing more, nothing less than one of the best known war toys. There are many years that the G.I. Joe have been with us and it sure belongs to the visual memory and entertainment experience of many of those who read us.

That is why a mobile game called G.I. Joe: War On Cobra is going to have its pull. And if you do it with finishes more than achieved, it will surely be played by many. Another thing is that they went easy and copied the mechanics of many games. If we take away the spectacular combat and what the brand is, we would find a short distance to those games that we all know and which Clash of Clans continues to lead; Yes, you still play a lot.

In G.I. Joe: War On Cobra you will be able collect letters from heroes, troops, commanders and vehicles, and yes, it has a lot of freemium as you could imagine. From the first moment they will show us a tutorial in which we understand that we can only generate a certain number of units. That is, until they are eliminated we will not have the ability to throw them back into combat.

Multiplayer games at events for G.I. Joe: War On Cobra


Like the title mentioned above, G.I. Joe: War On Cobra uses your base and attack the enemy's base; by the way, do not miss Ark Rivals and in which you will attack the enemy base yourself. I mean, that you will know that you play against many players, although you won't face them in real time. That is, it will be their bases that are attacked as well as yours when it is their turn.


You can choose between the two factions. On the one hand the good ones, and what are G.I Joe, and on the other hand to the bad ones, or to the Cobra. Each faction has its own units and buildings, so this enriches the gameplay and the one that will ever give us to go to the side to try another kind of experience.

Having to build your base you will need resources, so you will have to attack the enemy to get better fortifications. The time will be here your ally, as long as you do not go through the box with the card. It is a full-fledged freemium game.

The spectacular of the visual


If there is something for which G.I. Joe: War On Cobra, apart from being who he is, is because of his visual appearance. The fighting is very striking and demand to have a good terminal so as not to lose a bit of quality. The great work carried out by the development team is very noticeable on a 2K screen.