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The 5 best features of the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus – Video

Always at eighteen and nineteen and not so many differences return of the galaxy S ten ten ten the characteristic designs is remarkable. Then we tell you the details that we are most pleased with these phones.
One of the great revolutions of this cell phone towards the incorporation of a unique ultrasonic strike descent on the screen.
If other cell phones already had a similar ideology but that of the sansn is even better because it allows the recognition of the faster footprint with more security than the technology that other companies like wow wow wow two used.
Until now.
The reversible wireless charge had already been introduced in other phones such as the baby inside see balance has been one of the first companies to give them real use because it can not only.
Download other phones but also the galaxy you.
And in general to any device capable of charging this way.
The two phones of San is a include a triple rear camera in addition to that of that regular we have a wide angle the script of the vote includes is a typical of up to twelve X.
This area also the first cameras to include a monkey around and detector of bad funds.
San presunta Mini includes more novelties in the camera such as globe modify lamps editors even with the AR mochis.
We must also mention the front camera in almost six ten and only ten megapixel successor very versatile.
Vlez of ten Bush included a very powerful double front camera depth connector for blurry photo.
The phone includes a screen with Jorge Burgos and not flat as versions of the previous galaxy to which we must add the small hole for the camera the resolution and its general vision are also great.
Galaxy S ten plus includes a new version of Chvez ceramic in the back.
This is a more solid material, the luxurious it is is only reserved for its more expensive version.
These two devices also want and how the resistance aragua slot for Mike receives the door for hearing aids and even charges the analysis of these Encinas devices with diagonals.