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The most popular application in regards to the instant messaging on mobile continues its journey by officially adding a new function: group video calls. They are not new because they have been enjoyed by beta users for a long time, but it is now when video calls reach everyone.

Two months ago we received the group video calls in the WhatsApp beta application after many rumors and internal tests. In this period of time until the official activation the service has been successfully tested until deciding that the servers will withstand the enormous amount of data expected. For our tests there is no problem when establishing video conferences with up to four people: Video calls are heard and look reasonably good. At least until now.

Decide if you want to add more friends to your WhatsApp call or video call at the touch of a button

WhatsApp activates group video calls: talk to up to 4 people

The operation of the WhatsApp group video calls It's very simple: in a moment you will have a live and group conversation with up to three friends, four telling you; you can exchange the video and audio at any time with just the audio; and data consumption is, in both cases, what fair enough as not to exceed your rate. At least as long as you don't go through the new video calls, of course.

The process to start a group video call of up to four participants is as follows:

  • Call any of your contacts and establish communication. Whether it is a call or video call.
  • Once the communication is established you will see that the icon of a person with a “+" in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the icon and add the contact you want: you will have joined the call (or video call).
  • Press again, choose a new contact and incorporate it: you will be talking all four at once.
  • You can switch between video call or call by clicking on the lower icon of the screen.
  • In addition, any of the members of the conversation you can invite a new contact. Always up to a maximum of four.

An important detail is that these video calls and group calls remain encrypted end to end, like the rest of the WhatsApp chats. So you know: you can try the new group conversations with up to four of your friends with them or call them at WhatsApp. The new option has been activated through the servers, so it should be active in most versions of the application.