Repairing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a headache

Repairing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a headache

In a true nightmare the disarmament of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was transformed for the friends of iFixit, since as well as several high-end phones of the last time, its characteristics and details in the assembly, they obtain very low notes in the facilities for subsequent repair.

One of the first problems they had was the take off of the glass cover of the terminal, which was meticulously adhered. The same happened with the battery and the interconnected cables that are around.

Galaxy S20 Ultra repair 1

As iFixit describes that complex step:

  • All repairs begin with the thorough detachment of the fragile rear glass cover.
  • Replacing the battery is more difficult than ever, especially with the interconnect cables on the board to avoid.
  • Overly common screen repairs require complete disassembly or replace half of the phone.

That is already three immediate negative points on the repair list, which in total gives it a grade 3 at ease, where 10 is the easiest.

Then, iFixit reveals a medium difficulty "Many components are modular and replaceable independently, but the lack of headphone jack means double use and wear for the USB-C port."

Galaxy S20 Ultra repair 2

The easiest thing was to remove the fasteners from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, since "all Phillips screws are identical, they only require a screwdriver and cannot be mixed, which simplifies repair."

One of the main final critics for this high-end cell phone is that it lacks hardware and tries to impress with “crazy high density pixel cameras and periscopes as a trick”.

However, the most devastating people of iFixit save it for last.

Galaxy S20 Ultra repair 3

“In a world of iterations and safe bets, it is refreshing to see Samsung continue to do what Samsung does best: pack phones full of quirky technology and see what stays. Unfortunately, Samsung is not pushing any limits in terms of repair, as evidenced by the repair score of this phone … a 3 ″.

Apparently we must be very careful when handling a Galaxy S20 Ultra. The nightmare is that it can be damaged.

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