Look at these covers for the iPhone XS and XS Max [fotos]

The iPhone XSand the iPhone XS MaxThey are available from September 21 and many covers are already on sale (although some models will be in stores in a few weeks). So it's time to choose the perfect cover to protect your investment; and that they are compatible with wireless charging. (Yes, all the protectors of this galley are compatible with wireless charging).

If you are wondering if some old covers and possibly on sale of the iPhone X serve the new iPhone XS, the answer is most of them, but some don't. The XS has the same dimensions as the X, but the camera has some slight differences that may cause discomfort in a small number of covers. So as long as your X-model cover has some space around the camera hole, – many, if not most, have it – should fit an XS.

The XS Max model is, of course, a new 6.5-inch phone, so you will need specific covers for the Max. Rubberized iPhone Plus covers may fit you, but since the Max's camera is vertical and not horizontal, it doesn't work.

Editorial Note: This galley will be updated regularly with new decks.

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Publication Date:March 1, 2019Text ofDavid CarnoyPicture ofSarah Tew / CNET