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Launch of iPhone SE 2, endangered by the coronavirus

By the end of March it was contemplated that initially the new iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) would be released, however, like the entire industry, the coronavirus is causing problems with dates.

It turns out that according to Digitimes, the next telephone of Cupertino's is already in its final verification stage, and here it was found that the supply chain is delayed in a few weeks, so the launch could move instead of the first quarter, for the second quarter of 2020, the most enthusiastic bet on some date in April.

alternatives to iPhone X

Digitimes says that "Taiwn printed circuit board manufacturers have been informed that the shipments of parts for the iPhone SE 2 have been" deferred. " Originally, the parties must be counted in the first quarter, that is, March. However, according to reports, Apple told them that those orders should now be delivered in the second quarter. Apparently, this is a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak. ”

It should be remembered that the phone is very similar in design to the iPhone 8 and that it costs around $ 399 dollars.

Shortage in Apple stores

But the launch of the iPhone SE 2 is not the only problem that Apple has, since it has also been reported that several global stores will suffer from a shortage of inputs due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to reports cited by Bloomberg, replacement iPhones will have a low supply for up to two or four weeks and for as long as, as a measure, brand representatives can send some borrowed equipment while, so that sellers have something to show and excite the public .

These replacement iPhone is used by Apple in case one of its phones is so damaged in critical components of the device, that it is impossible to repair.

On the other hand, it has been evidenced according to internal sources, that the models that have had more stock problems in stores have been the iPhone 11 and on the other hand the iPad Pro.

As far as stores are concerned, it should be remembered that Apple has had to close more than 42 stores in China because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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