En Alemania ya le ponen precio al LG G4

In Germany they already put a price on the LG G4

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<p class=A week ago that leaked we do not know if accidentally or not all the details of the new LG flagship. However, Tomorrow is the official presentation of the LG G4 that few details and secrets can tell us.

What is still unknown is its price, however, from PhoneArena They echo the prices that are being published in various German electronic stores. Prices that will have little to do with what its predecessor the LG G3 hit the market: a launch price of 599 euros. The LG G4 aims higher, but with the intention of not being above the Samsung Galaxy S6, with which he intends to get face to face in sales volume.

It is estimated that the price of the LG G4, in its 32 GB version, It will have an approximate price of 679 euros, 20 euros cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S6: a difference that for few buyers to be conclusive. Nevertheless, This LG G4 base price is for the plastic rear model; while the model with leather backs go up to 729 euros also in its 32GB version: a price, now yes, higher than the Galaxy S6 although significantly lower than the S6 Edge.

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<p class=It is a difference that few buyers contemplate when choosing a terminal or another. It’s obvious, that with that price range, LG has a hard time competing with the Samsung Galaxy S6, But obviously, all these assumptions have to be demonstrated once we have tested the new LG terminal.

The positive of all this, is that LG terminals tend to be the fastest devalued in the market, so In a few months we can see how the LG G4 is below 480 euros, in regular stores like Amazon.

What do you think of the prices of the LG G4? Did you expect a launch price according to the LG G3?