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How to use widgets on iPhone or iPad

The widgets They are a fast and easy way to add extra functionality to your iPhone or iPad. These small programs give you shortcuts to the functions and data of the application, all available with just a finger on the home screen. We explain what they do, how to configure them and some that you should add to your device to start.

What are the widgets?

When you install an application on your iPhone or iPad, you most likely have a widget attached that you can add to the page of widgets East software It acts as a miniature version of the application, allowing you to quickly access the information it provides, such as time, upcoming appointments in your calendar, recent notes and other similar data.

The widgets They act as shortcuts, so if you touch one of them you will be taken immediately to the corresponding place of the application itself.

Where are my widgets of iPhone?

All the widgets of iPhone are in a single screen of easy access. If you are on the home screen, if you pass the right finger, you will reach the page of the widgets. The same can be done from the lock screen.

You can also access them through the notification center. This is achieved by going down to open notifications and then going down to the right.

How to edit the widgets of iPhone

When you download a new application, the widget it’s not automatically added to your widgets This is probably to prevent it from flooding with a variety of those you don't want or for which you don't have use.

You can add or remove widgets manually, and the process is very simple. Open the page of widgets (or Vista Today as Apple calls it) through one of the methods described above, and then scroll down until you see the Edit button.

Touch this and see a list of all widgets currently available on your iPhone. Those who are already on the page of widgets they will have red circles with white horizontal lines through them (similar to a "Do not enter" sign) shown to the left of their names.

On the right you also see three lines. By touching and holding them, you can move the widget Up and down the list, so you can place it wherever you want.

If you scroll down to the Ms Widgets section, see all those that are installed on your device but are not currently available on the page of your widget. To add them, touch the green circle with the plus sign inside shown to the left of the name. Then use the three lines to place the widget Where you want on the list.

Some widgets to get started

All Apple applications are equipped with widgets, and we find the Calendar, Notes, Podcasts and Screen Time as some of our favorites. Others that you may want to add are Shazam, which allows you to quickly launch the song identification application so you do not miss what song is playing in the pub or while you go shopping.

MyFitnessPal is a good alternative to Apple Health and the widget allows you to enter the calorie count after each meal through its food catalog.

Wunderlist it can be a great tool to organize your life and the widget Instantly show all your tasks for today, taking you directly to them with just one click.