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How to use the App Store on your Apple Watch

With the launch of watchOS 6 at the end of 2019, Apple made it possible for the first time to be able to navigate and install applications directly from your Apple Watch, instead of having to install them from the iPhone to then synchronize them.

It was certainly a big problem that Apple managed to solve, something that users are demanding, especially those who can enjoy their Apple Watch smart watch with cellular connectivity, in order to set the clock as a separate device.

But how do you start using the App Store from your Apple Watch? Is it really as easy to use as your iPhone? In this article we offer you a step-by-step guide on how you can install apps from your smart watch without other devices.

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How to find Apple Watch apps on the App Store

In fact, the process is not too complicated. Press the digital crown of your Apple Watch located on the side of the device and see the installed applications. Search and click on the corresponding App Store to open it.

Once you are inside, the screen of your Apple Watch show a search bar at the top, while at the bottom different applications are grouped by categories to facilitate its location.

You can always click on any of them to see more details of it, see screenshots, classifications and much more information from other users who may already be using them.

To search for a specific app, click on the search bar and enter the search term using voice dictation, or the scribble function where you can write a letter on the clock screen helped by your finger.

If possible, you should have the exact name of the application. Do not be surprised if even though you write the full name, others appear that you did not expect, because the App Store has its own way of showing some before others.

A third method may be to discover applications. Touch the search bar, but instead of typing or dictating the title, look below. Look at a list of trending topics with the possibility of jumping from one to another.

How to install apps from the App Store

We could say that we reach the most complicated part. As in the iPhone, you must click on Get. Now the App Store will ask you to verify your identity; Remember that the Apple Watch does not have a fingerprint sensor or facial scanner.

This way, you should do it in the old-fashioned way, helped by your Apple ID password. You can enter it using Scribble, or choose to enter it through the screen of your iPhone that you have associated.

The good news is that for the installation of later applications, you will not have to enter your password with the Apple ID again. Press the side button or digital crown twice when the watch tells you and enter the access code.

When your identity has been successfully verified, the application will begin to install. Press Open once the application is installed on the device.