Foolproof tips to make your smartphone's battery last longer

Foolproof tips to make your smartphone's battery last longer

You're sick of charge your smartphone daily and all the time? Has it happened to you that the battery fails you when you need it most? The performance and autonomy of our smartphone is essential to carry out our daily work; both to navigate in social networks, and to maintain professional communication.

Therefore, we propose a series of changes that you can make in the settings of your mobile device to improve the performance of your battery and thus save energy in order that the smartphone does not die so quickly in important situations.

How to know if your phone's battery is in good condition

Adjust screen brightness

If you feel that the battery of your smartphone is already dying, a good method to conserve it could be that you adjust the brightness of the screen. Try to reduce it manually to save the most energy.

Turn off vibration

Although it may not seem like it, the vibration function consumes a lot of smartphone battery. If you don't need your cell phone to vibrate, then disable that option.

Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi

Another infallible option that you can use so that the battery of your smartphone is extended, is deactivating your Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi. If you think it is not necessary to have the network activated, then better turn it on so that your battery lasts longer.

Activate power saving mode

So much Android, how iOS, they have a function that serves to save energy. This option optimizes all the tools so that your device does not spend so much battery.

To do this, you just have to go to the settings of your device to activate the energy saving mode. We should only point out that when this option is working, the performance of your device will be very limited.

Do not open or close apps

Many users think that closing applications in the background will last longer. That is true only on the one hand. In fact, applications should only be closed if you really believe that you will not use them again. However, when reopening a platform after it has closed, there is a higher battery consumption.

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