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Apple uses Siri Shortcuts to reach rivals, Alexa and Google Assistant


A look at the Siri Shortcuts and its integration with Kayak.

James Martin / CNET

While Google and Amazon worked in recent years to create a lot of skills and abilities for their respective assistants (Google Assistant and Amazon), Apple's assistant, Siri, seemed to be asleep on their laurels. Alexa implemented food delivery through voice commands in early 2016. Siri, meanwhile, did not offer the same function until last year.

Given that contrast, it is not a secret that Siri has been left behind with respect to his main competence in terms of smart features and partners.

But Apple has a plan to launch Siri and encourage the same growth with developers that made Alexa a success. And this is doing through the Siri shortcuts (Siri Shortcuts), a feature that he presented at his World Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, but did not emphasize much during his presentation.

Shortcuts allow people to use Siri to control different iOS applications, allowing for example to make a selfie with your iPhone or get details about a next flight, all through voice commands.

Apple announced on Thursday a series of new application integrations with Siri Shortcuts, which include Caviar (s, for food delivery), Merriam Webster Dictionary and Airbnb. Those apps join other miless, thousands of others that are already connected to Siri thanks to the Shortcuts.

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SiriKit, another integration of the Siri software, is also available for applications that include messages on WhatsApp, calls to Uber, payments with PayPal and photos search on Pinterest.

Apple's ability to gather thousands of new functions for Siri in a short period of time should give the Siri ecosystem the opportunity it needs. It also offers a new competition for Alexa and Google Assistant, which have maintained a very comfortable site as voice assistants No. 1 and 2, respectively. Apple has also found a way to integrate Siri into connected devices such as smart coffee makers, bringing the Drop app to Siri Shortcuts.

This strategy seems to focus fully on Apple's strengths as one of the leading platforms for millions of mobile applications. The work to improve Shortcuts may offer new hope for former Apple fans who have sought more from the company's digital assistant. It also points to Apple's renewed approach in Siri, thanks in part to the hiring of John Giannandrea, the former chief of artificial intelligence at Google, last April.

Apple still has a long way to go, especially in the smart speaker market, where your HomePod horn is still more expensive than the Amazon Echo and Google Home.