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5G Technology High speed to take?

Apparently, 4G technology in smartphones is running slow in the face of technological development, as the insertion of the 5th Generation into the wireless industry is already underway, and according to information reviewed by the CNN news channel – and to the main mobile phone companies in the United States, as well as smart phone chip manufacturers and major network equipment companies are working to develop a network with This technology for its customers.

The high consumption of MB in mobile devices by its users increases more and more, since these terminals have already become more than a basic means of communication, to be a communication tool with which they are not only made and received calls and messages but it is ready to multimedia data streaming that in recent years has increased its use through these devices, which is why the need to formulate the creation of the 5G band is imperative.

However, it seems that it is not known for sure when this technology may be in the market, although it is proposed that by the end of this decade the platform may be operational, but there are many rumors about how it could be when you can enjoy this wireless band.

In this regard, according to Bill Smith, president of AT&T network operations, 5G service can probably be defined for 2018 and consider the coding standards at some time in 2019 by the International Communications Union, which will determine which wireless technologies can be called 5G, as well as what their characteristics should include, how fast they will be.

Similarly, about its characteristics It is expected to be faster, smarter and consume less energy than 4G, thus allowing the development of a series of new wireless devices, because it is logical to intuit that at this moment technology constantly surprises us with innovations in all areas, by the end of this decade it is very likely that many more devices are interconnected with the wireless platforms, and much more, counting on speeds as expected as those that the 5G possibly possesses.

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With regard to this last point, according to studies carried out by large tech companies, such as Samsung, that This technology can reach the potential of delivering speeds 40 times faster than 4G, which can make it possible to transmit 8K ”videos in 3D or download a 3-D movie in about 6 seconds (in 4G, it will take 6 minutes), but from the saying to the fact there is a lot of distance, so there will be put a line of differential between what are the laboratory experiments and the current reality.

For its part Nokia, one of the most important participants of the 5G technology, believes that its technology may offer real speeds of plus or minus 100 Megabits per second when the network is more congested, which could be calculated as about four times faster than the maximum speed of the fourth generation technology.

Likewise, it is proposed that another of its characteristics is the fact that You can radically reduce the amount of time it takes for the network to respond to commands, that is to say that it will have an ultra-low latency, which could give the appearance that browsing the network from the device is much faster.

It was known that The industry consensus is who will do experiments with 5G in South Korea during the 2018 Winter Olympics, but for this to be carried out, smart phones with chips that are capable of sending and receiving a 5G signal must exist on the market.

Meanwhile, consumers will continue to wait for wireless technology to advance and be sooner than later when 5G acronyms can be seen on smartphone screens.

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