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2 Ways to create your custom Emojis for Google Gboard

We return with a practical Android tutorial video, with which I will show you 2 different ways to create your personalized Emojis for Gboard.

Personalized emojis to your image and similarity, or not!, So that you send them to your friends and family and float in colors with this original way of expressing your feelings in general, mood, quick answers, greetings and other possibilities that offers us this new form of nonverbal communication that is so fashionable both among young people and people of any sex and age.

In the video that I have left at the beginning of this same post I explain the 2 different ways that we have within the Gboard itself to create our personalized emojis, emojis in the form of a personalized avatar that will give a different and fun touch to our conversations in social networks and instant messaging applications in general.

Google miniemojis. The first most basic and simple option, although more than enough for most Gboard users.

2 Ways to create your custom Emojis for Google Gboard

The first way I show you in the video that I have left at the beginning of the post You do not need any extra application since it is integrated into the Gboard application itself, which for many and among which I include myself is the best keyboard for Android by far.

This option of Google Miniemojis can be found by opening the Google keyboard, Gboard, and click on the three dots that appears on the top of the keyboard, where word suggestions usually appear.

Once the option is open, we will be shown different options in which we will have to select the stickers option. To add the package of Google Minimojis we will just have to click on the button in the form of a More sign and add the Google Miniemojis package to our collection.

Once added to our collection, if we did not already have it installed without knowing it, which usually happens, we will open the package in question and go down to the end where we will find the option of customize the package with our personal preferences.

2 Ways to create your custom Emojis for Google Gboard

An option to customize that allows us to change the appearance of the avatar in all its forms, appearance and shape of face, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, clothing and even accessories such as earrings or even marks on the face.

At the end we must remember Save the changes by clicking on the button that appears at the top of the user interface. With this it will be more than enough to be able to enjoy our avatars or personalized emojis on Gboard. Custom emojis that, although they are somewhat limited in their edition, are a more than enough option for most users of the popular Google keyboard.

Create your Emojis with Bitmoji, now with full integration in Google Gboard.

This is undoubtedly the best option although it requires downloading and installing Bitmoji for Android, one of the best applications to create our custom avatars or emojis.