WhatsApp launches its dark mode on iOS and Android

WhatsApp launches its dark mode on iOS and Android

After many years of waiting and endless betas that emerged from the previous year, finally WhatsApp has launched the most anticipated feature by its users: the dark mode. The novelty, available on both iOS and Android, you can already enjoy it thanks to the latest update of the app.

To enjoy it on iOS 13 and Android 10, only you must activate the native dark mode of your operating system in the system configuration. If you use Android 9 or lower, you should go to the settings of the application itself to enable it. If you still do not see the update available, do not worry, surely throughout the day you will have the opportunity to do so.

As indicated by the Facebook platform, the dark mode was designed to "reduce visual fatigue where there is low light". In addition, they hope to prevent "those awkward moments where your phone ends up illuminating the whole place." In fact, its commercial exemplifies it in an excellent way:

Why did it take so long to launch it? WhatsApp indicates that they had to carry out a complex investigation, followed by a stage of experimentation, in order to offer a dark mode that really met the needs of the users. His first approach was to address readability, choosing the colors indicated to "minimize visual fatigue." Those, the tones correspond to those already predetermined by iOS and Android, therefore its appearance is different:

The other section they focused on was the hierarchy of information: "We wanted to help users to focus their attention easily on each screen. We decided to do this using colors and other design elements to ensure we were highlighting the most important information." Of course, it is a feature that demanded more work than many believe.

"The dark mode has been ms functionality requested by 2,000 million people that use WhatsApp all over the world, "said the service. After this launch, we doubt that there is another novelty on the way that could generate so much expectation among users.

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