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We can now silence notifications in Android Auto

Android Auto

Surely on more than one occasion you have received a notification, when you were watching a video, playing a game to your favorite game making a call … One is fine, two at most, but when our smartphone starts ringing and ringing and ringing, because the WhatsApp group has woken up, it can be a nightmare.

But it can be worse. If we are driving listening to our favorite music, a podcast or following the directions of Google Maps and our smartphone starts to play, we want to throw the phone out the window. Fortunately, Google is aware of this and has just updated Android Auto allowing us to disable notifications.

This new option is available in version 5.0.500224 of Android Auto, version that offers us the option Mute notifications within System Settings. This function, only silences the notifications, these will continue to be displayed on the screen until we discard them, although this could be temporary and in future updates disappear after a while.

If we also want these to not appear, the best we can do iss activate do not disturb mode of our smartphone, although that includes silencing all calls, something that, depending on the case, is not convenient to do.

Today, most car manufacturers offer us the option of having both Android Auto and CarPlay (Apple), so we must take it into account If we plan to renew our vehicle shortly.

If we do not plan to renew it, but we want to enjoy the comfort that this technology offers us, we can choose to get hold of a Pionner device compatible with Android Auto, some teams that depending on their characteristics we can find them from 400 euros.

There are others cheaper options for little-known brands, but personally I do not recommend them, more than anything for technical support and warranty, since once installed, disassembly to send for repair is a process that not everyone knows and can do.