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Use your Bluetooth headphones with Google Chromecast and mobile videos

The Google Chromecast has become one of those essential accessories that we didn't know we wanted until Google announced it.

Five years later it is still a great gift, also as an impulse purchase, but it also maintains some failures. Among these is not being able to use a wireless headset with it, in case we want to watch a video on the TV that we emit from our mobile but it is not convenient to use the TV speaker, because it is a bad time, because there are people lying down or Any other reason.

An app to broadcast audio to the device

To solve this problem we will use LocalCast, an application that allows to emit the audio that a video has to our own smartphone. And if we have a connected Bluetooth headset it will be there where the sound comes out.

If we want to launch a video that we have recorded or that have been sent to us by WhatsApp, or that we have downloaded from the internet on our device, we have to open the application and follow these steps:

  • We open the sidebar.
  • Click on the videos section.
  • We look for the one we want to see.
  • We open it.
  • We hit the Play.
  • Click on Audio here.

If we want it not to be heard on the TV, we will simply have to press the mute button on our TV remote, and the audio will only come out of our headphones, if we have them connected normally to the mobile.

Since the sound and the video will not be synchronized we must use the buttons that gives us the option «Audio Here» to match the video and the sound.

The pity is that there are some videos that do not play, we understand that because the codecs are not adequate.

For now the online part does not work

Use your bluetooth headphones with your Google Chromecast and your mobile videos

But the biggest problem is that This option only works for the videos we have hosted on the mobile, not for those on the web, such as YouTube, Netflix or HBO.

The application has an option called browser in the sidebar but when entering websites such as YouTube or Vimeo, although in the upper scan button it detects the videos, it does not load them so we can play them.

The application has a free version that is funded with ads. In fact it has enough, but if we want to remove them we can access the paid version.