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Twitter gets on the train of the Stories that self-destruct

Stories are a phenomenon in social networks, these publications that last only 24 hours and then disappear to leave no trace. They started being a livelihood of Snapchat and from there they moved to Facebook and Instagram where they became popular. Even Linkedin now wants to do some tests.

That is why it is not uncommon for Twitter, which in essence is more a social network of discussion of ideas rather than personal exhibition, has wanted to get into this fashion.

Through a statement on his blog, the company of Jack Dorsey informed that they will incorporate these Stories that they called “Fleets” and that being available only for Brazil with the slogan “a way to start conversations with their fleeting thoughts”.

“Fleets is so that you share your ideas and momentary opinions.These publications disappear after 24 hours and do not have Retweets, likes or public comments.In an initial survey, people told us that once "Fleets" are gone, they feel more comfortable sharing common and everyday thoughts. We hope that people who generally don't feel comfortable with Tweeting use Fleets to talk about the thoughts they come up with, ”Twitter says.

As the social network, Fleets seems to be a tool that could encourage more disinhibition when expressing comments, since no one can save them or make RT, although the screenshot never die.

Twitter Fleets

On why Brazil's choice to leave, Twitter commented that “It is one of the countries where people talk more on Twitter, many of you are passionate about talking and following other Brazilians on the platform, we are excited to try the new functionality here. According to the test, we will learn how the existence of a new way of speaking changes the way you interact on Twitter and if it allows you to share what you are thinking more comfortably. ”

Finally, Pajarito's social network delivered other features of Fleets.

“Like Tweets, fleets are based primarily on text, but you can include videos, GIFs or photos in them. If you want to reply to a Fleet, click on it to send a direct message (DM) or emoji, and continue this conversation in your DM. Your followers can see your fleets at the top of their homepage, and anyone who can access your full profile can also find your fleets there. If their DMs are open, anyone can react to their fleets, ”they closed.

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