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The MX Player is reinvented to compete with Netflix

The MX Player changes its orientation to compete with Netflix

If someone asked me about the best video player for their Android, I usually used to choose between two options: VLC or MX Player. Both were an excellent application for the task, with a huge amount of integrated audio and video codecs in addition to a friendly and powerful interface. But from now on you may have to abandon the suggestion of MX Player.

It is not that the video player has ceased to exercise its function, but a change in its orientation is so under way that we will surely stop knowing it as it was. Why? The new owners of the app, Time Internet Limited, an Indian subsidiary of the communication giant, they plan to turn MX Player into a Netflix competitor.

The idea behind the project is that MX Player go on to distribute streaming content just like applications like Netflix or HBO. It will have series, movies and other content of the country to which it will be directed MX Player, India. This raises serious questions about the viability of the application outside that country: it is likely to become available only to Indian users.

The latest beta of MX Player introduces the new Indian streaming service

The MX Player changes its orientation to compete with Netflix

We won't have to wait too long to appreciate the new orientation: MX Player has introduced in the beta the first changes to become a Netflix competitor in India. This beta is in the Google Play Store, but it is geographically limited.

If you have installed the last beta from Google Play you will see that it has geographical limitation, also the Apk. You can install it from Apk Pure and use a VPN to connect with India: MX Player then it will offer you the complete interface; with all the videos available, for the moment almost all from YouTube.

MX Player will have two main tabs: the streaming service and then another local folder, as we used the application so far. We do not know if in the future it will only be available in India, but it is most likely that the player adapts to the country identifying the location of the connection.

As we said, you can try MX Player beta If you download the Apk and use an Indian VPN. At the moment it offers content in English and also in local language.