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The KILSWITCH military tablet now allows you to request areos attacks


The KILSWITCH military tablet now allows you to request areos attacks

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April 13, 2015

On many occasions we have talked about the amount of uses that can be given to a tablet in so many different fields. Among them is also the military where the KILSWITCH tablet, highlighted by its enormous potential and resistance, has been used on more than one occasion to facilitate certain tasks. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Research Projects Agency for Advanced Defense) has developed an evolution that allows requesting air support in just four minutes.

How were they requested so far? The members of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (JTACs) asked for what is known as close air support in the most archaic way you can imagine. They just looked at a map, usually in paper, checked the coordinates of the place where the attack was to be carried out and communicated them via radio. Since a member of the group was about to request such support until the process was carried out, it lasted around half an hour, practically eight times more than will be necessary thanks to the application of this tablet developed by DARPA.

The operation of KILSWITCH whose figures mean Kinetic Integrated Low-cost SoftWare Integrated Tactical Combat Handheld, is quite intuitive and above all, much more precise than the usual method, just the objective pursued with this project. The tablet will show the map of the area on which the exact point where the air support should act is directly marked. This allows errors are reduced to a large extent and when information is transmitted almost instantaneously, Communication is much more agile.

Another of the strengths of this system that is introduced with KILSWITCH is the security. Being able to adjust the objective causes errors to be reduced and therefore, not endangering allied soldiers or civilians that may be close. The geolocation system that will keep in view at all times the situation of the partners allows to react quickly to a bad order or a change of position, something that was much more complicated to deal with the map and radio system.

The following video, just a minute away, shows a small demo of the operation of the tablet and the application developed by the DARPA agency. Surely, KILSWITCH will be used in the near future to implement new features that allow to improve the security within the margins for the different military groups. One more sample of huge potential of these devices that goes far beyond what we normally give users.

Via: wwwhatsnews