The iPhone XR suffers from its low demand

The iPhone XR suffers from its low demand

Apple smart phones have always distinguished themselves by containing within themselves the best features among high-end devices. Powerful camera, biometric security, retina display with an incredible resolution and the quintessential feature: a price of more than $ 20,000 pesos.

It is necessary to clarify that the company is in all its right to put the prices so high since it has a great trajectory, a good attention to the client and guarantees, only this time that price has been the one that directly harms Apple or perhaps not.

Specifically, the reality is that all this new line of the iPhone has had a low demand on the part of the market being the iPhone XR the worst case. According to The Verge these will be the consequences of the strategy that Apple has used to raise prices on its new devices. Making the comparison we have that the iPhone X costs approximately $ 21,000 pesos, while the iPhone XS Max is approximately at $ 26,000.

Profits speak of a 29% more growth, but what makes the big difference is that The number of units sold has been less. Realistically, there is still a lot of money involved even though the demand is low and many people buy from Apple regardless of prices. They will cut the production of the phones, but I don't think it's something so significant if we put on the table that the global iPhone community is about 11% of the devices.

We know that there are phones that can give us perhaps characteristics (not all) for a lower price and there are still those who for reasons of taste decide for the apple T what do you think about the subject? Do you think Apple is exaggerating lately with prices? We read you in the comments.

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