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The Huawei Mate X cannot be used if it is too cold

Huawei Mate X

As announced weeks ago, the Huawei Mate X was launched in China in October. The first foldable phone of the brand is a reality in the country, while following without knowing anything about its launch in Europe. We do not know anything at the moment, but in its launch in China it has been possible to discover an interesting message in its box.

It seems that using this Huawei Mate X in too low temperatures is not recommended. The reason is not known very well, but it is intuited that it could cause problems of operation in the folding telephone of the Chinese manufacturer. A message that generates doubts.

The phone case in China shows that it is not recommended to use this Huawei Mate X at temperatures below -5ºC. Nothing more is said about it, about the possible reasons why this should not happen. Presumably, damage to the phone may arise if this happens.

Huawei Mate X screens

This notice could have to do with two parts on the phone. It could be the battery, which in some phones may have problems or stop working in too low temperatures. The other option is to refer to the screen or the hinge system of the screen.

Since a lower temperature could reduce screen flexibility Huawei Mate X. This is speculation, which so far has not been confirmed by the brand. The company has said nothing about the reasons for this recommendation or warning in the box.

It is an important detail to take into account, especially before the arrival of winter, where in many places temperatures below -5ºC can be reached. An aspect that could be a problem when selling this Huawei Mate X in some places. There may be some company statement on the matter soon.