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So you can customize the new gestures of Android 10

How to customize Android 10 gestures

The new gestures of Android 10 have been one of the notable improvements of this new version of the world's most installed operating system. And although those gestures come by default without being able to customize them, today We are going to show you how to do it through a well-worked app.

That gesture on any side, at least in Note 10+, to go back, or that from below to go home, have become something normal that we have already integrated into our day to day. But for those who find it difficult to make these gestures, this app may come with pearls to adjust the experience and not be so complex to acquire in our routines.

An app to exceed those limits in the experience of gestures of Android 10

Android 10 gestures

The fact that Google has launched the new gestures has had his criticisms and applause. The worst thing is that it will take us a while to adapt to the rest of the elements of the Android operating system, so, while everything goes fine like silk, an app like gesturePlus can be essential for those who still have a hard time making those gestures.

The truth is that we are on the right track and in Galaxy Note 10 itself or any Galaxy with One UI 2.0, the difference is noticeable. I mean, that return to the previous gestures It already seems like something from the past. Anyway, thanks to a developer, and we know Jawomo for even launching an app that mapped the Bixby button, we will be able to customize the gestures of Android 10, although with some limitations.

It is true that This app works scary in the high-end Samsung with One UI, but it is in other phones where some functions do not go as they should. We notify you in advance so you do not miss yourself if any function does not go as expected.

How to customize Android 10 gestures


In the free version of gesturePlus we can assign multiple actions to a button that is located right in the center of what is assigned in the gestures of Android 10. That is, the central idea is that we can replace the keystrokes or gestures on the side of the screen to use the back action from the center located at the bottom of the screen.

All this customized so that we can substitute some actions, since here comes what would be the free version of gesturePlus. For € 1.99 we can now go to the pro version of the app and access all the variety of options it offers us.

Among all of them we can highlight the long press to make Google Assistant appear. But we return to the before, if you have become accustomed to handle with one hand with the new gestures of Android 10 in One UI (do not miss how the Note 10 flies with One UI 2.0), almost like you can pass from this app. Of course, you can take the experience further by assigning some actions such as turning on the flashlight, taking a screenshot, silencing the phone, launching a selected app or accessing the more than 35 actions we have available.

This one does work on Huawei

With this app you will be able to have the way to customize the gestures on a phone in Huawei. You can watch the video to know its operation and how you can customize the gestures (you also have the way to eliminate the ADB navigation buttons):