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Pokmon Home arrive in February to Android devices

pokemon home

The Pok√©mon Company International and Nintendo have announced new details of the new cloud service called ‚ÄúPok√©mon Home‚ÄĚ. With this, the trainers will be able to follow the Pok√©mon adventures and organize all the collections of the Pok√©mon of each installment, so no progress will be lost in any of the cases.

Pokémon Home It has been created as a meeting place for all Pokémon, allowing trainers to take the characters of the series to be connected and save them in boxes in the cloud. Fans of this saga can access by linking the Nintendo account to the Android version.

With the launch of Pokémon Home The company will give away during the first month the service of Pokémon Bank and the Poké Translator. This will cause the coach to transfer Pokémon between the different games of the well-known series, then it will go to the assigned monthly fee set by the company.

Pokémon Exchange

There is up four different ways to exchange Pokémon at Home Using a mobile device, doing so is possible at any time and place, no matter if we are on the street. The real benefit is to interact without the need for a physical video console.

РDeposit a Pokémon in the prodigious box, this allows to exchange with people from any part of the world. The exchange occurs even if Pokémon Home is not being used.

home pokemon

РThrough the GTS (Global Trade System) we can indicate which Pokémon character we want to exchange and which one to receive in return. Once decided, it is paired with a Coach to decide the request of one and the other.

The group exchange, we can only create a single group with several Coaches and make one or more exchanges. The only downside is that only users with a premium plan can create it.

РThe exchange between friends allows you to change Pokémon with nearby users added to our list of Pokémon Home friends. Just go to the "Add friends" option and search for Trainers.