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Nintendo has generated more than 1,000 million dollars with its titles in mobile devices


In September 2016, Nintendo introduced the first game for mobile devices, Super Mario Run, although initially did not arrive until December of that same year and exclusively for Apple's mobile platform. Android users had to wait a few months to enjoy this title.

Since then, the Japanese company has released a total of 6 titles, although not all are available worldwide, as is the case of RPG Dragalia Lost, a title that is currently only available in Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom . Thanks to these 6 titles, Nintendo has generated more than 1,000 million dollars.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Mario Run and Mario Kart Tour have been two of the most anticipated releases by users, a launch that has not responded to the company's expectations. This was probably due to It offers nothing new that was already available in app stores.

While Super Mario Run has generated 7% of the total revenue that more than 244 million downloads, Mario Kart Tour represents 8%. The title that has generated most of the income in Fire Emblem Heroes, a title that has raised 61% of total revenue.

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In second position, we find Animal Crossing with 12% and in third position Dragalia Lost with 11%. As expected, Japan is the main market where Nintendo titles have generated most of their income, with 54%. In second position we find the United States with 29% of revenues, 316 million dollars.

Some titles like Mario Kart Tour and Animal Crossing are offering monthly subscriptions, a very risky plan, but we do not know if it is working better or worse than integrated purchases. Time will tell.