Microsoft works on a diskless system and disk to digital program

Thurrott, the Microsoft website, has made the news that the technology giant is working on an Xbox console that is removing the physical disk. Thurrott further states that MS plans to launch a game exchange program with several retailers where users can exchange their physical copies in favor of digital codes.

Thurrott previously reported on the next generation Xbox console family with the code name Scarlett. According to reliable internal sources, Scarlett consists of a wide family of consoles with the goal of having an affordable entry into the Xbox ecosystem for users of a broad income. Most notable is an Xbox Scarlett direct streaming device that uses cloud games as a means to enjoy the games. It is expected that these next-generation consoles will reach 2020.

However, today's great news is a more traditional console. Although with a rather important characteristic, or rather the absence of it. According to the sources, Microsoft plans to launch a new Xbox One console next year. This new SKU will focus completely on digital consumption and completely give up a disk drive. Instead, users can buy games only digitally.

Without a doubt, sales of digital games are increasing at a dizzying speed and will only be more frequent in the future. Therefore, it makes sense to offer an option for users who are not interested in the hassle of buying physical games. More interesting than convenient, the price of such a diskless console will naturally be much cheaper than that of its disk-based brothers.

Thurrott says Microsoft is aiming at a price reduction of up to $ 100. That is a great savings for any customer and could lead to an Xbox One console that costs only $ 200 or even less.

What happens to users who already have a physical games library? Microsoft has also thought about them. As reported, a Microsoft Disc-to-Digital program in partnership with retailers allows Xbox One physical game owners to exchange their disc-based games in exchange for digital codes of the same game. A massive incentive for any player looking for the cheapest entrance to the Xbox One ecosystem.

Of course, this does not mean that physical games are becoming extinct. Microsoft continue to support those who go to the future with disk-based consoles. Not all regions have stable and limitless broadband Internet, so these systems are likely to never fade completely. But having more and cheaper options is always welcome.