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Mana Strike for your mobile

Magic: Mana Strike comes to Android with everything that has meant the universe of Magic the Gathering. A game like Clash Royale, but with a horizontal displacement instead of the vertical one we have been used to with Supercell.

Netmarble has been the in charge of carrying our mobile screens This new game to Clash Royale that comes with a great technical and visual realization. If you were looking for a replacement for Supercell, you can now leave space on your mobile for the dynamic fighting of this new game.

Fight against other players

Magic Mana Strike on Android

Magic: Mana Strike is the new Netmarble game and that brings with it all the lore of Magic the Gathering, so those who are a fan of this saga are going to have a great companion of games from now on your mobile.

Magic Mana Strike on Android

The truth is that the game is great in all its visual and technical aspect, but it can be criticized for the lack of originality in the concept. Very used already and that brings us directly to remember what game it is based on. Yes, it has its extra points, such as the possibility of releasing your hero in battle or carrying with him those enemy units that will help beat the first two final bosses or bases.

It is practically identical to other games and like these others, we must use the mana that is automatically filled to drop those units. Each unit has a mana value that it will consume, so we have to know how to take good care of what kind of units we drop in battle.

The online multiplayer of Magic: Mana Strike

Magic Mana Strike on Android

Like the great Might & Magic Battle Royale that was released yesterday, although with a lesser feeling of playing in a big league As this one mentioned, Magic: Mana Strike bets totally with the online multiplayer.

Yes it is true that in the first games let's play with bots And this shows. But it will be a matter of being patient, and while its release is known to be more played, when the thing changes and the pikes are more intense. There is nothing better than fighting another player who is going to make things difficult for us; but tell us in the newly launched MOBA called Extraordinary Ones.

To give you a better idea of ​​what awaits you in Magic: Mana Strike, we let's go to the lore of your universe with those 5 exclusive colors of manna and which are key when it comes to victory by better understanding the attributes of each color.

3-minute real-time battles

Magic Mana Strike on Android

Magic: Mana Strike is a game perfect for quick games. So if you are looking for a game to avoid having to spend 15 or 20 minutes of the best known battle royale of the moment, it is more than perfect for those of us who have even half an hour a day to play a game. The freemium is not lacking to get more cards and thus unlock better units; something to which we are almost obliged, although if you go through the new Might & Magic game you will not need to use loot boxes, since they do not exist.